Monday, February 25, 2013

Vietnam Adventure Trip, Explore the Many Charm of Sapa Valley

If remote destinations, lush vistas and rich culture tickle your fancy as a traveler, then a Vietnam Adventure Trip that takes you to the lovely town of Sapa Valley is a must. An overnight train journey away from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, Sapa Valley lies nestled in the Tonkinese Alps. Next to the Chinese border, just north of Lao Cai, this breathtaking old French Colonial hill station is bordered by the highest peaks in the country. Sapa Valley has been touted to be a visual extravaganza by anyone who has ever visited it. And, the opportunity to witness the hill tribes like the Red Dao and Black Hmong makes a tour of Sapa Valley an even more endearing experience. 

The best way to explore the immense beauty of this ex-Colonial hill station during your Vietnam adventure trip is to take a trekking tour of the region. One of the most stunning and challenging treks would be a three-day hike to the Fan Si Pan summit, the highest peak in Vietnam in particular and the Indochina in general that stands tall at 3,143 meters. Trekking to this summit will literally allow you to stand on the roof of Indochina among a covering of clouds for company and inspiring views of the valley as well as bordering China. . 

For those who would love to take their Vietnam adventure Tour up a notch, a home-stay with the village people comes highly recommended. It is the most exquisite way to experience the simple life. Going through a trusted travel company makes sense if you are interested in a home-stay, since they have close ties with the locals and will be able to make sure that the home-stay proves to be meaningful for you without invading much on the privacy of the locals. With a home-stay you will be able to witness the customs, traditions, culinary habits, daily routines and more about the hill-tribes, making your Travel to Vietnam all the more exciting. 

A visit to the neighboring Bac Ha market on Sundays is also a must for travelers, since it is the best place to see all the local tribes gather around to sell off their specialties. Around 110 kilometers from downtown Sapa, the Bac Ha market is a special cultural experience, where you can witness all the tribes' people trading and in their true element. With a choice of trekking, cycling and camping tours available to the gorgeous Sapa Valley, you can easily design your Vietnam trip to suit your personal adventure style. And, do not forget to try the local cuisine during your Vietnam adventure trip, so that you get a real taste of the essence of this exotic land.